King Strength

Here to Help You Build Strength to Live Your Purpose

Work Harder

Full body strength training sessions custom-tailored for your current lifestyle and goals.

Strength Training Equipment:

  • 600+ pounds of iron, concrete and bumper plates

  • Barbells - 1 45 lb olympic barbell, 1 35 lb training barbell, 1 60 lb safety squat bar

  • Half Rack with Chin Ups Bars and Weightlifting Platform

  • 1 flat bench

  • 1 20 lb pair of dumbbells

  • 50 and 100 lb resistance bands

Move Easier

You're still gonna sweat it, but it's better for your joints than pounding the pavement.

Cardio Equipment:

  • Rogue Echo Bike

  • 100 lb Boxing Bag

  • R1-2 Yoke

  • Pair of 20 lb Farmer Carry Handles.

Live Better

King Strength advocates for strength training as a part of everyone's daily life. A balanced and sustainable approach to health and fitness that leaves you energized and hungry for more life is 100x better than grinding away at yourself for a few weeks only to feel worse off for it.

Our training model is designed to help you move your body the way it's meant to move. Achieve your goals by reconnecting your mind and body to focus on the gravity of all you're capable of achieving just 3 times a week.

Coach Jones

Photos of the Gym